Our history

Gaia Boldetti was established in 1973 by Giorgio Boldetti who converts an ancient tailoring workshop in a family-owned company, led today by Giorgio’s son Giulio, that holds a prominent place in the field of women’s blouses.

A few years after the company moves its headquarters from via Pietro Micca to corso Galileo Ferraris, in a charming historical building located in the “Crocetta” district in Turin. A new brand was born in the purest italian style, characterised by creativity and refinement, designing blouses in different models and colours, which are  currently distributed worldwide.

Our production

For us, work culture means love for the final product: care, patience, experience, attention to every detail. This is why our production is totally Italian, and so are our fabrics, selected in textile factories located between Milan, Gallarate and Como. Their research is at the base of the craftmanship traditionally offered by Gaia Boldetti.

Tissues – silk, natural viscose, linen and cotton – are cut and processed in the Turin laboratory, creating garments whit threads, buttons and finishes of the highest quality. Many processes are still handmade, in accordance with a tradition of excellence, the made in Italy one, which we are proud to promote and export worldwide.

The replenishment

Our method of production is organized to ensure a fast and continuous replenishment of models in the collection, in the fabric, colours and quantity desired. This allows us to promptly satisfy your needs even in season, allowing you to respond quickly to market demands and thereby reducing your stock.

The packaging

The painstaking and customized packaging reflects Gaia Boldetti’s philosophy and attention to detail as an added quality, style and craftsmanship value.